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  • Dr. Sharon is amazing! she is very thoughtful and went out of her way to make sure I felt comfortable and was very thorough in her utrasound examination to make sure she understood how to best help me. she took the time to give me a detailed explanation of my condition and her treatment plan. I am so grateful she is my doctor and for the opportunity I had to receive nanofat injections through her. All of Dr. Sharon support staff that helped me were very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend her at Beverly Hills Clinic !
    By - Adam
    19-Apr-2020 03:15 AM
  • Dr. Sharon has performed 2 separate treatment on my shoulders in the past 1 year. The results I have experienced are outstanding. I went from constant pain and limited activity with a torn rotator cuff in the my right shoulder back to full activity levels. I had the same PRP treatment performed on my left shoulder in March and i am recovering nicely, hoping for the same outcome as the right. Dr. Sharon has the utmost professionalism every time I visit her for all the various pre-op/post-op appointments. she communicates clearly and leaves no question unanswered. You can tell she truly cares for her patients . I have recommended her to numerous friends who have the same type of issues. I will always be thankful for providing a non surgical option to repairing the body.
    By - Daniel Lichtman
    09-Apr-2020 04:57 AM
  • My knees hurt every day as I tried to workout running, biking , after 20 years as Track coach. I thought the end of athletics was near as a 50-year-old. My friend told me about Dr. Sharon. she did procedures on both knees and a PRP on my back spasms.I can stand and coach 3 hours a days and I am back to riding over 100 miles and climbing without pain and feels great! Never quit- keep going on and enjoy life! thank you so much doctor...
    By - Smith white
    26-Mar-2020 12:57 AM
  • This was the best healthcare decision I've ever made and the best outcome I could have hoped for. At 50 years old, with multiple Achilles tendon tears and other knee arthritis from 40 years of competitive tennis. I was told I probably should never get on court again and was heading towards knee replacements. Instead, I did placental allografts injections and now,seven months after treatment, I'm competing on court again and training with some of the top juniors in the country as well as varsity players.
    By - Tamica Payne
    11-Mar-2020 04:56 AM
  • I’ve been having knee pain for 3 years. Dr Sharon Mcbeth promptly saw me and diagnosed using ultrasound. got an PRP injections treatment .my knee would feel better in 4-6 weeks. And that was exactly what it took! I feel no pain on my knee anymore. I can run, jump, play tennis without feeling that aching, annoying knee pain.thank you so much doctor for restored my health!
    By - ron
    25-Feb-2020 05:47 AM
  • Thank you to Dr McBeth, we were recently holidaying in the US and our daughter had a nasty infection on her arm, Dr McBeth came to our hotel suite and examined our daughter, gave her some antibiotics by injection and oral antibiotics, as we were not US citizens we filed our insurance claim when we returned home and it was paid out recently due to the thorough notes and photo that Dr McBeth provided to us. Thank you for your professional care and making a doctors visit easy and stressfree.
    By - Donna
    19-Feb-2020 03:31 AM
  • l was very pleased with my experience with Dr.Sharon and her stuff. she is the only one who realized the problem and took immediate action. she is very kind, bear with patients and easy to communicate with. I would 100% recommend for Labral Tears treatment.
    By - Dominik Hulliger
    18-Feb-2020 04:27 AM
  • Dr.Sharon McBeth helped relieve my ongoing Heal Pain issue.. she’s thoughtful, and truly cares about her patients. she spends a generous amount of time with her patients and explains in great detail your options for recovery.I would recommend her to anyone who need heal pain treatment...
    By - Christine Trias
    08-Feb-2020 04:55 AM
  • Excellent. Dr. sharon Mcbeth, MD is very knowledgeable about Degenerative Disc Disease as well as many other medical issues. she listened to what I said and understood.she was very supportive and concerned. Strongly recommend. Thank you!
    By - Gary
    30-Jan-2020 11:50 PM
  • In 2006 I took a 4 ft. fall from the back of a truck onto concrete steps causing injury to my back and hip. Years later, I was t-boned in a car accident causing re-injury to the areas and exacerbating the pain even more. As a former athlete, who still enjoys playing sports and working out, I thought pain was just something I would have to live with and for over a decade I have. Since, receiving cell therapy and PRP treatment by Dr. McBeth, my pain levels have decreased and range of motion has increased. I can workout, jog, and enjoy other activities without the constant gnawing pain I once felt. Dr. McBeth cares about the well being of her patients. Her precision is masterful and I believe it plays a big role in the positive results I am experiencing.
    By - Daphne M.
    29-Jan-2020 02:14 PM
  • Dr. Sharon McBeth, MD really cares about her patients.She truly loves what she does and thats helping people heal.She is a genius and answers any possible question you may have in detail. I recommend this doctor for anyone who needs PRP for a rotator cuff issue. Very good experience and will go back if needed.
    By - George
    27-Jan-2020 06:16 AM
  • Thank you Dr. McBeth for such a great experience. I am usually extremely apprehensive about certain procedures . You took a lot of your time explaining each procedure making sure I fully understood and that I was comfortable. I must say that I have been very pleased with your professionalism . I appreciate your great knowledge. Thank you again :)
    By - Doelisha
    25-Jan-2020 02:59 AM
  • Dr. McBeth was an absolute godsend to us. She treated my daughter with patience and compassion and was able to get her back on her feet. I would recommend Sharon to anyone requiring her specialities. Ian
    By - Ian
    23-Jan-2020 05:18 PM
  • I chose Dr.Sharon after seaching for a Cell Therapy clinic for over a year. I was very pleased with everyone in the office.They answered all of my questions and were always quick to do so. Dr.Sharon is an exceptional doctor. I had Cell Therapy treatments in both shoulders.Now 3 months later, my right shoulder is pain free .
    By - samita
    15-Jan-2020 04:51 AM
  • Sharon Mcbeth, MD is extremely helpful and thorough regarding her patients! She has helped me so much when I needed help the most. I recommend this doctor for anyone who needs cell therapy for an achilles tear.
    By - meer
    23-Jan-2020 11:33 PM

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