About The Physician

About  Dr. McBeth

Dr. McBeth was born in a small southern town of USA as the first child of two high school teachers. Her father taught physics, biology, and chemistry and her mother was a home economics teacher. Hence, she has gravitated towards science, philosophy, and metaphysics since age 2. Learning science, particularly biology and physics, were her passions and her father was eager and diligent to teach her. She at age 5 desired to become a physicist. Yet, she later decided to become a medical doctor by age 9, for she understood that her father had aspired in vail to reach that goal. Without the exposure of the cosmopolitan and cultural offerings of big cities like New York or Los Angeles, she found through textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers, and television, the enthusiasm to seek the best experiences of everything, whether it was the zeal for scientific education influenced by her father or the style and artistic sense gifted by her mother. She is the quintessential “renaissance” person:  a marriage of science and art. At age 16, she matriculated at Dartmouth College from which she graduated after studying for 3.5 years without a break. Subsequently, she graduated from Dartmouth Medical School(now the Giesel School of Medicine at Dartmouth) after attending for 3 years at age 23.Wanting to make a difference between life and death at critical moments, lead her to seek residency training in internal medicine and emergency medicine. Currently, she is enjoying the 27th year of being board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. With the same childhood zealous passion for science, biology, and attention to detail, she presents to you cutting edge technology of PRP at Beverly Hills DRx Concierge.